I’m currently a Dartmouth College PhD student in the COSAN lab working with Luke Chang as well as with Todd Heatherton. My research is primarily centered around neural responses to naturalistic reward cues (e.g., food commercials) and how these signals promote appetitive behaviors (e.g., overeating).

I recently spent some time working with Morten Kringelbach in the Hedonia Lab in Aarhus, Denmark & Oxford, UK, where I learned techniques used to uncover patterns of neural oscillations and state transitions driven by alterations in consciousness (e.g., sleep, psychedelics).

Prior to grad school, I worked as a post-baccalaureate IRTA in the NIH’s Laboratory of Brain and Cognition with Alex Martin. There, I worked with Kyle Simmons on a large-scale obesity study using fMRI to investigate neural correlates of food reward and gustation.

As an undergraduate at Penn State I dabbled in the labs of Terri Vescio, Peter Arnett, and William Ray. I also spend a summer at WVU where I worked with James Lewis investigating human vocalization processing in the brain.